(With the approval of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology ((2018)213), the Global Internet & Cross-border Communication Connectivity and Settlement Conference will be held in Beijing from 7th to 9th November 2018. At that time, there will be 200+ representatives from 100+ enterprises & 70+ countries and regions around the world attending the meeting. )


 (In order to improve the level of service for China’s cross-border information and communication connectivity, increase the influence of Network Application products internationally, encourage better communications and cooperation between local service providers and their foreign partners, promote innovation-driven development of regional big data and cloud computing industries, explore fair and efficient settlement methods for global Internet & cross-border communication connectivity, and maintain the steady progress and far-reaching development of China’s information and communications industry; we are calling for a collection of best practice cases for “Innovative Services”, “innovative Products”, “Innovation driven Infrastructures & Policies” and a collection of the best proposal for “Innovative Global Settlement”. The programme of collection activities is published as follows:)


    信息通信是国民经济中先导性、基础性、战略性产业, 推动信息通信服务全球化,有利于加强各国人民间交流,推动我国企业走出去,维护全球经济一体化。开展信息通信国际服务相关征集活动,是新形势下广泛普及和宣传我国信息通信跨境服务成果,推动我国信息通信国际服务创新驱动发展,促进全球信息通信产业交流合作,探索建立公平高效的信息通信国际结算体系,做好境外用户以及境内漫游境外用户的服务工作的重要抓手,对推动我国信息通信国际服务转型发展、创新发展、集群发展、融合发展具有重要意义。

( I.Purposes of Collection Programme

    Information and telecommunication is a leading, essential and strategic industry in the nation’s economy. Promoting the globalization of information and telecommunication services is beneficial to strengthening communications among people of all countries, encouraging Chinese services providers to go out for business, and safeguarding the integration of global economies. The programme of collecting best practice cases in cross-border information & communication services is important to: widely popularize and publicize the achievements of China’s cross-border information and communication services under the new global environment, stimulate the innovation-driven development of China’s cross-border information and communication services, enhance dialogue and cooperation in the global information and telecommunication industry, explore ways in establishing a fair and efficient settlement systems for cross-border information and communication connectivity, and provide excellent services to customers around the world. It has a great significance in promoting the transformation, innovation, cluster and integration of China’s cross-border information and communication services.)


    落实中央最近有关经济工作的会议精神,以“合作共赢、连接互通、价值联动”为主题, 以“创新、分享、开放、互动”为主线,发挥学会及承办单位网站、微信公众号作用, 采取线上、线下相结合,公开透明、自觉自愿方式开展征集活动,采取社会评议、专家评议相结合方式遴选最佳实践案例及方案,全程开放,全程接受社会各界监督,严格标准,保障征集活动客观公正,维护征集活动顺利推进。

( II.Guiding ideology and basic principles

    Implement the essence of the Central Committee from the recent economy conference, with the themes of “cooperation and mutual benefit, connectivity, value linkage”, the main frame of “innovation, sharing, openness and collaboration”. This will allow: the channel to fully utilise the function of CIC and other conference sponsor’s websites and public address of Wechat, the combination of online and offline nominations, the approach of an open, transparent and voluntary based collection of the best practice cases activities. A combination of public online voting and experts’ assessments will be adopted in the selection of the best practice cases & solutions. Plus an open process for strict monitoring by all sectors within the industry will ensure integrity and fairness, and a smooth progress of the programme.)


    (一)  “ 创新服务最佳实践案例”主要面向境外建有网络、数据中心、业务转节点、业务分发点、业务交换点的基础运营企业、全球性互联网企业,征集这些企业近三年来在境外提供话音、短信等传统业务以及社交、支付、物流、视频、搜索、云计算、内容加速等互联网应用创新服务实践案例。案例聚焦境外网络技术设施、网络延伸和覆盖、网络运行维护管理、网络技术水平、网络服务能力和服务体制机制等方面创新和实践成果。上报案例应明确本单位境外网络基础设施规模及布局、与境外企业连接互通及网络服务能力、技术水平、客户服务能力和前期投入、服务质量评价标准及其达标情况等;应明确服务覆盖的区域、服务的用户数、业务收入及利润规模、用户服务感知以及社会反映等。实践案例应明确与境内服务、与境外同类服务相比,本单位境外服务遇到的新情况、新问题、新挑战、新成果,要明确本单位如何适应所在国和地区法律、文化、风俗,面对境外服务问题,提出的技术创新、网络创新、维护创新、管理创新、服务创新以及实践情况及实践成果等。各单位上报的案例经由各单位总部盖章后,可直接报送活动组委会

( III.Requirements in collecting best Practice Cases & Solutions and details in submission

   (i) “Best Practice Cases for Innovative Services” are mainly targeted to carrier network service providers and global internet service providers, who have established cross-border networks, data centres, transit nodes of connectivity, distribution points, point of presence (POP), and provided innovative customer services, not just in traditional international Voice, SMS, but also in delivering social media content, global payment, global logistics, video, search, cloud computing , content acceleration and other Network Applications via Internet within the last 3 years. The innovation Service practice cases submitted should include innovations and practical achievements in offshore network technology facilities, offshore network extension and coverage, network operation and maintenance management, network technology capabilities, network service capacity and service system/mechanism. The submitted cases should clarify the scale and architecture of the offshore network infrastructure, its capacities with offshore customers, network service capability, technology capability, customer service capability, pre-investment, criteria in assessing quality of service and the results of compliance, etc. The submitted cases should indicate the geographic coverage of services, number of customers/users, revenue and profit, customer perceptions & experiences and feedback from large communities. The submitted cases should articulate situations, problems, challenges and achievements encountered in serving offshore customers by comparing with similar services provided onshore. It should also highlight how offshore business adapted to local laws, cultures and customs of the country and region of where it is located, while facing the challenges in offshore services, and of how to put forward technology innovation, network innovation, maintenance innovation, management innovation, service innovation with practical processes and practical results. The cases collected by each company can be submitted directly to the Programme committee after they are approved by headquarters.  

    (二)  “创新产品最佳实践案例” 主要面向为境外用户、境内漫游境外用户提供服务的基础运营企业、全球性互联网企业,征集最近三年来各单位在境外推出的话音、短信、流量等传统业务以及社交、支付、电商、物流、视频、搜索、云计算、流量等互联网应用创新产品实践。实践案例聚焦在产品技术方案、业务形态和商业模式创新,应明确本单位产品及其推广中在适应当地政策、法规、文化方面,产品技术、业务形态或商业模式上的创新以及创新的原创性、新颖性以及解决用户痛点的有效性等,产品的服务功能、性能以及用户服务群体、应用场景、经济价值、社会认知、社会反映等实践情况及其成果等。各单位上报案例经本单位盖章后,应送当地省、自治区、直辖市通信学会初审,再报送活动组委会。

   ( (ii) “Best Practice Cases for Innovative Products” is mainly targeted to carrier network service providers and global internet service providers, who have provided innovative products to overseas users for global connectivity, and overseas users roaming in China, which have made substantial achievements in the practice area of traditional voice, SMA, Data usage, etc. as well as new internet network application products in social media, payment, ecommerce, across board logistics, online video, content searching, cloud computing, data/IP bandwidth, etc. The Best Practice cases submitted should focus on innovative technical solutions, innovative business forms and business model. The Best Practice cases submitted should: clarify how the innovative product and its promotion program can be adapted into the local policies, regulations and culture; explain the detailed innovation in technology, business form or business model, as well as its originality, novelty, and effectiveness in solving customer’s problems. The submitted cases should include specifications and functionalities of the product, targeted customer segment, application scenarios, economic value, community recognitions, and customer feedback, etc. The cases collected by each company can be submitted directly to the sub-branch of CIC in each province, autonomous region and municipality after they are approved by the headquarters.)

    (三)  “ 创新驱动最佳实践案例” 主要面向建有跨境信息通信设施(如北京、上海、广州3个全球性国际业务局,乌鲁木齐、昆明、南宁、福州、哈尔滨、呼和浩特、厦门7区域性国际业务局,深圳、珠海、丹东、二连浩特等7个边境通信局,克拉玛依、南京、郑州、福州、大连、青岛等23个国际互联网直达通道)所在城市或当地大数据、云计算等高新技术园区,征集当地跨境信息通信创新驱动发展实践案例。实践案例应聚焦在当地推动信息通信产业集约化、集群化发展、创新驱动发展的鼓励扶持政策、机制体制创新以及产业发展环境营造工作等,应体现近三年来当地政府为推动信息通信、大数据、云计算出台的鼓励扶持政策、针对性解决企业发展中的问题、取得的发展效果(包括企业规模、收入规模、利润税收、解决就业等);跨境信息通信设施的设立及业务开放,给地方经济社会发展所带来的贡献;当地网络安全运行状况以及信息安全保障情况;社会认知和社会反应等等。相关单位上报方案,经当地通信学会商通信管理局推荐,可直接上报活动组委会。

    ( (iii) “Best Practice Cases for Innovation driven Infrastructures & Policies” is mainly targeted for the cities or regions where there are infrastructure facilities for cross-border information and communication connectivity (such as 3 global business Gateways (Bureaus) in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou; 7 regional international business Gateways (Bureaus) in Urumqi, Kunming, Nanning, Fuzhou, Harbin, Hohhot, Xiamen; Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Dandong, Erlianhote and other 3 across-border Communications Bureau; Karamayi, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Fuzhou, Dalian, Qingdao, etc. 23 international Data/IP direct access channels); and high-tech parks where big data cloud computing in present in those cities and regions. The cases submitted should focus on the best practice and achievements from local organisations in developing the information and communication industry; supportive policies and incentives in building innovation driven infrastructures; innovations in changing local governments’ operating mechanism and system; and efforts in optimising the business environment for future development in the industry. The submitted cases should reflect the local government’s supportive policies and incentives issued in the recent three years in relation to promoting the information and communication industry, big data, cloud computing; the local government’s resources allocated in targeting the real problems faced by local enterprises; the local government’s achieved results (including increase of business size, income scale, profit tax, employment, etc.); local government’s establishment plus launch of cross-border information and communication facilities, together with its contributions to the local economy and community, the status of local network security operations, information security, community awareness, and feedback and so on. Relevant authorities can submit the proposal directly to the programme committee with a recommendation of the local sub-branch of CIC or sub-branch of MIIT.) 

    (四)  “创新结算方案” 主要面向与信息通信跨境服务相关的运营企业、互联网企业以及从事区块链产品研发的企业,征集采用区块链技术、符合网络经济规律、客观中立的信息通信企业间国际结算解决方案,构建平等、互信、简单、高效、安全的国际互联互通结算体系及保障方案、相关应用产品等。该征集活动是应全球信息通信连接互通结算组织(简称 GSC, g1oba1 sett1ement carrier group) 要求设置,聚焦在信息通信国际结算中相关各方高度关注、覆盖各业务(含话音、短信、互联网流量、国际专线等跨境业务)领域、普遍存在且长期难以解决的信用、对账、拖欠、造假、套取结算费等诸多问题,要综合采取区块链、云计算、信息通信等最新技术, 提出系统化、可操作、实用性强的解决方案或应用产品(DEM0)。各单位上报方案可直接报送活动组委会。

    ( (iv) “Best Innovative Global Settlement solution” is mainly targeted to carrier network service providers and global internet service providers, and technology enterprises who are engaged in research and development of block-chain solutions for cross-border information and communication connectivity.The cases submitted should focus on the best solutions and associated Network applications & service mechanisms for global settlement in cross-border information and communication connectivity among service providers. This implies adopting block-chain technology, adapting disciplines of digital economy, and accepting operations in an independent and neutral manner, in order to establish an trusted, simplified, efficient and secured settlement system and process.This collection is set up in response to the requirements of the Global Settlement Carrier Group (GSC). The cases submitted should focus on the solution in overcoming the most concerned, common and long outstanding issues and problems (credit limit, reconciliation of usage, debts control, forgery, arbitrage settlement fees, etc. in global settlements covering global Voice, SMS, Data/IP usages and Data IPL, etc). The cases submitted should consider the latest information technologies such as block chain and cloud computing, and put forward a systematic, feasible and practical solution or application (DEMO). Relevant companies can submit the case directly to the programme committee.)


(IV. Related logistic arrangements for collection of Best Practice Cases:)

    (一)本次征集活动,由全球互联网与通信跨境连接及结算研讨会组委会主办,在国内和海外同步展开。国内征集活动,由中国通信学会组织;海外征集活动,将由全球信息通信连接互通结算组织(简称GSC,global settlement carrier group)组织。征集活动截至时间为今年10月5日。

   ( (i) This collection activity is host by the Organizing Committee of Global Internet & Cross-border Communication Connectivity and Settlement Conference 2018 which is synchronized in China and overseas. Local collection activities will be organized by China Institute of Communications (CIS). And overseas collection activities will be organized by Global Settlement Carrier Group (GSC). The deadline for collection is 5th October 2018.)

    (二) 活动征集到的材料,组委会将组织开展遴选,对于选入最佳实践案例及方案的,组委会将安排在11月7北京召开的全球互联网与通信跨境连接及结算研讨会交流并颁发相关证书;对入选的最佳实践案例及方案,主办单位将汇编成册,对其中具有学术价值的将推荐在中国通信学术界与产业界高水平、权威性、广泛国际影响力的《中国通信》杂志刊登发表。

   ( (ii) The Organizing Committee will arrange the selection of collected best practice cases. The Organizing Committee will arrange the presentations for selected best practice cases and issue relevant certificates in the Global Internet & Cross-border Communication Connectivity and Settlement Conference 2018 to be held in Beijing on 7th November. For those selected best practice cases, the Organizing Committee will compile into a volume. For those selected best practice cases with academic values, , the Organizing Committee will recommend it to be published in China Communications Magazine, an industrial highest-level, authoritative and influential publication in China.)

    (三) 活动征集到的材料,未入选本次最佳案例及方案的,只要上报方案材料完整、真实、准确,活动组委会可给参与单位颁发相关证书予以鼓励; 能参与11月7日大会现场活动的,组委会将提供免费门票2张,不能参加大会11月7日大会现场活动的,组委会将会把证书邮寄到相应地址。

   ( (iii) If the cases collected are not selected in the best case & solutions, the organizing committee may issue relevant certificates to the participating enterprises, so long as the case submitted are comprehensive, realistic and accurate. The organizing committee will provide 2 free tickets for those participating enterprises who are able to attend the 7th November Conference in Beijing. The organizing committee will also mail the certificate of participation to the corresponding address of participating enterprises if they are unable to attend the conference.)


(V.Requirements for the submitting Cases)

   (一) 各单位上报的实践案例及方案,应紧扣征集活动要求,简明扼要,逻辑层次分明,条理清晰;用数据说话、用图片或视频说话、用事实说话、用典型事例说话,在与同类服务、同类产品、同类创新驱动相互比较中,展现本单位实践案例及方案的特点、特色和优势,实践案例要重点突出实践情况及实践成果。

   ( (i) Best Practice cases and solutions submitted by each participating company shall be concise and brief, logical and well-organized; include data, pictures, videos, facts, and examples. The submitted case should be articulated in comparison with similar services, products and innovation driven infrastructure & policies offered by others. The submitted cases should also be emphasized on practice and actual results.)

   (二) 各单位上报的实践案例及方案,应客观、真实、准确,相关证明材料、引证材料以及其他有事实证据的最好一并附上。

   ( (ii) Best Practice cases and solutions submitted by each participating company shall be impartial, realistic and accurate. Any relevant supporting materials, references and other factual evidences shall also be attached together with the submission.)


(VI.Selection Process for the Best Practice Cases & Solutions)


     国内活动征集到的案例及方案微信、网站投票计分规则: 组委会将在主办单位和承办单位微信公众号、网站上为征集到的材料设立投票专栏:以得票高者为满分30分,其他得票者得票数占最高得票数者得票的比例,乘以30分基础数为得分数(如最高得票数是3万票,最低得票为1万票,那么最高得票者投票分为30分,最低得票者投票分为10分)。

    国内活动征集案例及方案专家评选规则: 专家不少于10名,对申报材料按70分打分;没有按照评分规则打分的, 取消该打分;符合规则的打分,去掉一个最高分、一个最低分,取算术平均后得分为最终得分。


    (For those cases collected in China, the organizing committee will select the best practice cases and Solutions schemes by using a combination of online voting via Wechat and website, plus expert’s selection. The total score of 100 points, online voting accounts for 30 points, and the expert’s selection accounts for 70 points. The submitted cases with the highest points will be the winners of Best Practice Case & Solution.

    Scoring rules in counting online votes for those cases collected in China: the organizing committee will set up voting columns in the conferences host’s and sponsor’s Wechat Public Addresses & websites. The highest voting score is counted for 30 points. The voting scores will be calculated by using a ratio of the number of votes obtained by other voting scores divided by the highest number of votes and multiplying by the base score of 30 points (e.g. Case A receives a highest number of votes at 30,000, Case B receives a lowest 10,000 votes, then Case A gains 30 points, and Case B gains 10 points).

    Scoring rules in counting expert’s votes for those cases collected in China: No less than 10 experts will be involved in the selection process. Each expert scores 70 points for a submitted case. Expert’s scoring will be invalid if it is does not follow the selection rules. A rule-based expert’s scoring is to remove the highest and the lowest scores, and then take the arithmetic average for the final score of a submitted case.

    For those cases collected from overseas, the selection of Best Practice Case & Solutions will be organized by GSC. Those cases with highest scores from overseas, together with those highest scoring cases collected in China will be presented and shared at the Beijing Conference on 7th November 2018.)


(VII. Schedule for the collection and selection of Best Practice Cases & Solutions)



3、最佳案例及方案社会遴选阶段(⒛ 天)。在微信、网站上设置最佳案例及方案遴选投票,鼓励各相关单位投票,并宣传大会。方案投票活动将在10月25日前结束。



( (i) Advertising & Launching Period (within 15 days of issuing this circulation): the Organizing Committee will launch the advertising campaign through Wechat and websites, and hold an advising meeting with the relevant organizations and enterprises for an encouragement of participating in the collection of best practice cases and solutions.

 (ii) Submitting practice cases and solutions period: by launching the advertising campaign & logistic details through Wechat and websites, the Organizing Committee will encourage and monitor the relevant organizations and enterprises in submitting cases. The deadline for collecting submitted cases is 5th Oct 2018.

 (iii) Online Selection of Best Cases & Solutions Period (estimated 20 days): the Organizing Committee will set up the voting columns for the submitted cases and solutions on Wechat public addresses and websites, and encourage relevant organizations and enterprises to vote online while promoting the Beijing Conference on 7th November 2018. The public voting will be ended before 25th October.

 (iv) Expert selection of Best Cases & Solutions Period (5 days). The Organizing Committee will arrange experts from CIC and other academic bodies to mark collected cases and solutions according to the marking criteria. The Expert selection is expected to end before 30th October.

(v) Promotion of Best Cases and Solutions Period: After the completion of public voting expert marking of the submitted cases, the Organizing Committee will arrange those best practice cases and solutions to be published on CIC & other conference sponsor’s websites and Wechat public addresses, and then to be presented at the Beijing Conference on 7th November.)


(VIII. Management of Collection and Awarding Programme)




( (i) This Programme is chaired by the Organizing Committee for Global Internet & Cross-border Communication Connectivity and Settlement Conference in Beijing on 7th November 2018. As members of the organizing committee, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, Tencent, Ali, Baidu and several other organizations & enterprises will be invited to participate in this entire programme.

(ii) Advertisement for the Beijing Conference and the Collection and Awarding Programme will be published & released simultaneously by CIC and other Conference sponsors via their websites and Wechat public addresses.

(iii) All relevant organizations & enterprises should meticulously organize, and inspire relevant parties to actively participate in the collection of Best Practice Cases and Solutions.)




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